Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Recess

Sorry it's been so long since my last post but between going to Florida for business reasons and working with a skeleton crew in the office for the last week and a half there has not been much to talk about. So now that things are beginning to develop again the blog gets a new post.

If you have been following the Republican Primaries (which is pretty hard not to) you would know that this week Sen. Rick Santorum has dropped out of the race. Even though I was not much of a fan of Senator Santorum from the get go, I still have a great deal of respect that what is important to him is God, family, and country in that order and so much that his convictions tell him to put his focus towards his family and suspend his campaign. With that being said the Republican nomination is essentially being handed over to Mitt Romney on a silver platter. The likely hood of him pushing Obama out of the white house is still up in the air and actually closer to President Obama's favor (sadly). What this is going to mean for Rick Santorum is that he has gained favor and distinction for this selfless act of his, and should he decided to run for presidential nomination again he will have a much larger support from the GOP as a whole. What is best for the Republican party at this point is to stop making each other look bad and focus on their strategy to win the election with Mitt Romney. However, it seems as if Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are nowhere near ready to back out. Ron Paul actually looks as if he's pulling a Reagan 1976, what this means is he is going to run in every state primary up until the national convention regardless of how far behind he is or if he loses every state period. Nonetheless exciting things are about to happen in the campaign.

Recently our office decided to put out another newsletter for our constituents stating what Congressman Ross is working towards passing the house in this part of the session. He is working on the NO FIELD Act which will stop the construction of the soccer field for the terrorist inmates in Gitmo, and will cut that $750.000 from the budget. Along with this Rep. Ross is attempting to stop the inflation of the price on premium for TRICARE. In simplest form TRICARE is like a medicare or health insurance program set up by the government for our veterans. So far through the responses I have heard from our constituents everyone seems to be really happy with what the congressman is doing and they have voiced their full support.

As I'm sure the few of you who follow the blog are expecting me to talk about the Trayvon Martin shooting, well..that's not going to happen. I feel that such a severe and case personal to one single family is not for discussion over a blog. If anyone would like to swap opinions about this you can do so the way I always say to, by contacting me personally, I'm always up for discussions.

Aside from what is going on around Capitol Hill and in the National Government, today marked the first day of my last month of the internship, and boy has time flown. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the office staff that I have and it has felt so rewarding that I could have a small role in our legislative branch.

I hope everyone had a wonderful easter and was sure to spend time with their families, be sure to have a more detailed post next week.

Until next time thank you and God bless,

Gage Nicholas

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  1. Say Say Ye, Gage, very well put, and a very nice blog. Thank you!! Bre